Two financial giants, MIG Bank and Swissquote come together in a historic partnership at the International Money Fair held in Shanghai


MIG bank, one of the leading finance companies in Switzerland will be hosting an expo encouraging attendance of top personnel in the industry.

Establishing their joint union, MIG Bank and Swiss bank are happy to commemorate the event taking place at Shanghai Exhibition Centre which will showcase the latest developments in the finance industry along with an opportunity to network on an open forum with like-minded individuals.

The managing director of the event, Mr. Tsui is happy to setup an area for exhibitors to display the latest advancements in products related to e-trading in the industry. Mr. Tsui expressed his positive perception of the joint participation that is taking place for the first time in the history of the industry. As the leaders in online banking and foreign exchange trading, he expressed the instrumental position they hold in providing exposure to key clients and partners within the industry. The market particularly in China is on a growing trend which plays a major role on the continent of Asia as a whole. There is an additional benefit thanks to the service and security offered by the hosts, MIG bank and Swissquote.

The CEO of Swissquote has more positive comments to share reiterating that the Money Fair will be an excellent platform to introduce Swissquote to an audience in China that would majorly benefit from the service. The fair would be an excellent way to emphasize on the positive elements of both organizations in terms of Swiss banking.

The Money Fair will also feature representatives from both financial organizations who will liaise with the people visiting the fair in order to educate and share ideas on the different latest trends affecting people in the market in order to improve exposure to the amount of data available such as macro and micro-economic trends, strategy for investment and other data.

Information regarding MIG Bank

The swiss are no strangers to MIG bank which is the largest banking chain present in the country of Switzerland. MIG Bank is particularly specialized in certain areas such as foreign exchange online, CFDs and other types of trading. Apart from that, they offer an extended range of services for banking to a large number of clients covering over 100 countries. MIG is specially known for the security they provide along with the latest in banking technology. MIG’s trading is equipped with extensive analysis and reports that are collated in frequent intervals to make trading a breeze.

MIG Bank is an official institution managed by the formal Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority and is also certified for maintaining high standard for quality management and other aspects.

With its headquarters in Switzerland, MIG Bank also conducts extensive operations in other regions including London and Hong Kong which are setup under the names of MIG Capital Europe and MIG Capital Asia Limited. The overall employment is over well over 100 people taken across a diverse range of nationalities and dialects.

About Swissquote

Swissquote is another financial provider considered to be the largest for trading services.

The Swissquote organization has offices in various locations across the globe as well including Malta and Dubai. The company utilizes the abilities of about a half a dozen hundred employees to conduct their operations. The company is closely regulated by the Swiss Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

About the Shanghai International Money Fair Expo

the large scale exhibition first began in 2003 and has expanded to become one of the largest promotional trade fairs in the field of financial services in China. The event takes place every year and attracts a diverse range of exhibitors to share and learn from the industry.

The exhibition is now a little over a decade old and has gained quite the reputation during this reasonably long tenure. The event has been regarded as the most influential financial show in China among other positive comments. The fair attracts over 150,000 participants featuring exhibitors holding over 200 stalls across the entire exhibition space.

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