Travel to space for $1000


Who of you haven't dreamt of becoming an astronaut when a child? Time has passed and with it your dreams have become closer than you could imagine. Spaceflights are a reality now, and not only for specially trained astronauts, but for any ordinary person, for you!

The first step and huge contribution to make spaceflights available and affordable for dramatically more people has been made by Virgin Galactic, the privately-funded spaceflight company. With their reusable spacecraft designed to carry people on suborbital flights, getting to space is now a question of US $250,000!

But with IronFX, surprising as it may sound, travelling to space becomes only a question of your trading expertise, knowledge and skills! The company is launching the biggest Forex Live Trading Competition, where traders will compete for a place aboard a flight to space. Join the competition, win and make history, becoming the first trader in space!

View more details on the IronFX Intergalactic Trading Competition here.

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