Top 3 PAMM Managers for AForex in the month of August


AForex is known to provide some of the most speculative opportunities to the traders and it is now time for us to sum up the results of the last month. Many of the account managers who have joined us have shown extremely good results and we are sure that most of you have joined the ranks of some of these successful traders. The rates of returns are improving with each passing month and if you haven’t joined any of the most successful account managers, it’s time to do so. We hereby present you the best 3 PAMM Managers when it comes to the statistics of August:


An investment of $1000 with this strategy returned a good deal of cash worth $1280. Please note that this strategy is new not only to the Champion review that we provide, but the PAMM service altogether. The historic performance of a particular strategy is usually enough to provide you a good idea of the type of result you can expect for a strategy. Things however get a little more complicated when it comes to Roman. Please note that it has only been a single month since this strategy has been registered. The Roman strategy has already proved to be a great way of growing your starting investment. As the last month ended, the profit actually was of 28%, in an annum, it can be as high as 336%. During the next round of Euro devaluation, the account experienced a drawdown of 25%. Please note that many could predict the downtrend properly, however, many were betting on the chances of technical correction, following the pretty sharp sales. This strategy falls under the same category. The manager generally trades on the EUR/USD pair only and thanks to the richness of the fundamental developments of the month, plus the realistic expectations of the new economic stimulus from the European Central Bank, the manager adopting this strategy will have ample opportunities for ensuring effective trading. As mentioned above, for the Roman strategy, profit in last month was 28%. 4

An investment of $1000 with this strategy returned a good deal of cash worth $1280 – which comes to 28% per month. If we take yearly calculations into account that comes to 336% provided the current trend continues the very same way. This strategy has a big advantage attached to itself though – as the account is under constant monitoring, the risk becomes minimal. Even if you decide to ignore the magnificent results of last month and try to focus on the overall trading history, you will see that the maximum drawdown for the account never went beyond 17%. The average leverage for this account is 8.5 and this ensures a strong risk management technique for the account. The manager generally tries to diversify the nature of trading as he tries to use all the available instruments in the forex market, such as inverse, direct quotes and crosses. Usually the manager checks all the promising entry setups across a good number of assets. Otherwise, he has the complementary hedging system to help it make possible, in case of the unforeseen price fluctuations. In these scenarios, the manager uses the winning trades for compensating the negative results of the other losing trades. So, even if a loss is encountered, the same is immediately reversed through trading on different assets.


You should be paying extra attention to this particular strategy. Last month, managers going with this strategy earned 36%, so for an investment of $1000, you would earn $1360, if you were trading in last month. Not only that the profitability is on the higher side, but the maximum drawdown is also on a considerate level. Things get even better if the starting of last month is not taken into consideration. Things went to a bit bad zone at that time due to the erroneous trade decisions of the previous trade period. Try to gauge the strength of the strategy, please understand that the manager was able to overcome the drawdown and still make profit. The account balance never really came under any critical pressure either in this timeframe. The average leverage was of 5.7 which is one of the lowest for all the managers who are part of the AForex rating system. Antitrend has been one of the oldest systems which are under the ranking system and the managers coming with this strategy, generally try to avoid any unnecessary risk. If you are not a fan of risky trading strategies and yet want to see significant trading profits, Antitrend can be your best bet.

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