Tips for the Month of April from AForex


April has been quite generous to traders who lean towards the UK Pound: Australian Dollar trade. Maximum profits were seen in this trade amounting to close to 400 pips. Overall profit for this exchange using the effective ExoticFx system brought in almost 800 pips. The stop-loss is around 150 pips from market value. Looking at some of the other trades; the Euro-Australian Dollar brought in a total of over 1250 pips with an average of a little over 300 pips. The strategy comprises of a straight forward technical approach using the daily and hourly charts to spot trends. The duration of a trade can be close to 30 days with profit per trade amounting to over 300 pips.

The next strategy we can look into is the tredmacd strategy which brought in an overall profit of over 1000 pips on the British Pound and Australian Dollar exchange. The trade averaged at around 350 pips with a good ratio of about 3 when compared with risk and reward. Trade duration goes on for about a month and a half. The strategy is based on different variables such as RSI and MACD.

Another strategy that did reasonably well was the CorelianCharts strategy which was typically involved in the Pound and Dollar trade. It was successful about 60% of the time with the other trades being unprofitable. The average trade is around 230 pips bringing the ratio to about 1/100th of that. The strategy is fairly new and is still gaining traction among the forex community but it has brought in considerable profits of over 5000 pips for the period. Trading is typically done over a week span which is quite short relatively. This strategy uses two variables monitored across hourly and daily charts for maximum effectiveness.

Another strategy the Sphynx did very well on the British Pound US Dollar market. 7 trades were made and all were profitable which amounted to well over a 1000 pips. The average stood at around 150. The trade duration is around a week. The charts used are the hourly and 5-minute charts.

ThirdBrainFx is the final strategy which also did quite well on the same trade as the Sphynx strategy. In comparison to a 100% profitable streak by Sphynx, 2 trades were unprofitable with ThirdBrainFx. The time of trading is close to three weeks. ThirdBrainFx is inspired by another trading system referred to as Triple Screen Trading System.

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