The Top 3 PAMM Managers last month!


Aforex likes to keep things transparent so we are going to divulge the details of the top performing PAMM managers the last month. There have been a number of changes to the way things have been handled with the introduction of new managers. However the rest of this article will stand testimony to the quality of our new associates. There is little to be proven about our experienced managers handling thousands of dollars of large accounts. The long-term clients of these managers suggest that these managers are certainly profitable. Lets have a look at this month’s most successful managers and you can decide for yourself if you want to sign up!

Three interesting strategies last month were those of Bag76, Zanachka and NatProfit. These strategies have been around so you can always look through past statistics and evaluate its effectiveness.

The newest strategy from the above top three is Zanachka. Zanachka has brought around a 200% return over a period of less than three months. These results are certainly enticing. This is one of the top performing strategies as it is worthwhile in comparison to risk and time based reward. With a profitability of 88% over a month, Zanachka is looking at figures of over 1000% in profit over an annum, figures you can’t pass up on! The drawdown was not more than 10% which is effective when you compare with more traditional, conservative trading styles that do not bring as much profit. The best pair was the EUR/USD combination. With rumors of selling the exchange by the ECB, higher profits ensued. To simplify things, an investment of $1000 last month on Zanachka brought $1880 in total.

NatPRofit also did considerably well although the number is not even close to Zanachka. A modest 35% return was observed which is still an impressive number. This will bring the yearly profit to 420%, certainly worthwhile to look at. The issue is that NatProfit is also more risky which can turn away a lot of potential investors. The manager has been able to compensate for this with a large number of deposits which suggests that it is still a safe option to bet on. The main pair is GBP/USD. This is a good pair as the British Pound is gaining very steadily and is showing no sign of decreasing in performance. With an investment of $1000, you will generate a profit of $350 over a month. Certainly worth giving NatProfit a shot.

Bag76 also did reasonable well although we are now heading for the tail end. A profit of 9% over a month or potential profit of a little over 100% over a year was seen. The drawdown was a modest 9%. Average loss was just $12. These numbers are fairly modest and workable considering that risks of Bag76 are relatively low. If you have the patience and looking for something long term, Bag76 may be a good option to go with. You should be willing to work long term with the manager before getting on the bandwagon or it wouldn’t be worth your time. To sum up, a $1000 investment in Bag76, will generate $90 in profit after a month.

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