The acquisition of Mig Bank


The Swissquote organization known to be the most prominent in financial services acquired MIG Bank. Bringing the two companies together will recognize Swissquote as one of the most powerful in the field of Forex trading. Both entities will now operate as a single standalone organization rather than two separate companies.

The combination will bring together positive highlights of both organizations accentuating their key points including transparency, technology and security. Swissquote is a listed company and this combination would make the combined group one of the top worldwide competitors in the forex market.

A combined message from the CEO of Swissquote and MIG bank stated their content in the merger. Countless weeks have been put into the merger to make this a success. With similar goals and aspirations, the companies will be sure to thrive as one.

Despite the merger, all positions held by employees will remain without any changes. More information will be available in future.

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