Swissquote takes on Mercedes Petronas team in formula racing as a partner


Swissquote has made a bold decision to become a partner of the formula racing team Mercedes Petronas in order to establish their brand further.

The partnership was announced beginning of the year and was brought about to go in line with the already existing partnership that MIG bank has with the formula one racing team. It’s more than just a passion for the sport by the owners of the companies; it represents the shared struggle that both industries face due to a shift in laws and limitations. The director of the formula one team stated his contentment in the new partnership acknowledging it as an “honor” that they are on board once again. He also praised the qualities of the organization including its use of state of the art technology as well as how they carry out their business. He concluded his statement mentioning that he looks forward to working closely with Swissquote in future.

The CEO of Swissquote also expressed positivity towards the partnership likened to the similarities in managerial style shared by both companies. He mentioned the need to stress on performance, innovative ideas and channeling the right talent which have been capitalized on effectively by both companies. With their experience in the banking field and climbing to the top amidst stiff competition, he stated that he sees the similarities with the sport as well. The overwhelmingly large number of spectators is also something to admire about formula one racing acknowledged Burki. He also expressed how it would benefit them as it would provide them with a platform to persuade fans and spectators to look into and reap the benefits of financial trading.

The car that will be used will be making its first ride on the tarmac very soon. The car will feature heavy branding from Swissquote clearly distinguishing the company in a strong manner.

About Swissquote

Swissquote was established over 15 years ago and has grown in to the number one bank for financial trading, typically with respect to foreign currency trading. They are well known for their transparent systems and efficient means of trading.

On a global scale, Swissquote is considered to be one of the top 10 for forex trading and is operational in about 120 countries around the world.

Swissquote stands out from its competition by providing key information that has been thoroughly researched which gives their client the edge in the highly unpredictable forex market. They also offer comprehensive support so you can reach their team at any time of any day.

The company is listed on the Swiss exchange for well over 10 years and has offices in a number of countries worldwide, employing hundreds of staff collectively to carry out their operations.

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