Second contest season concludes with record ForexBall™ competition: 22,000 participants in just eight weeks, $32,000 awarded in prizes


Looking at an update of the Forexball, within the first two seasons, $32,000 has already been given away in a field of over 20,000 participants. With less than two months of the competition organized by the Admiral Markets Group, the competition has not only grown to heights that it has never reached before but it has managed to attract some of the greats in the industry, adding to the intensity and buzz of the competition in the Forex world. Incorporating the social features has brought around plenty of banter and connected the participants to a closely knit group. The articles have also been well received generating interest from the novices as well as more experienced players. According to Mr. Laush, Vice President of the Group, things have really picked up and has been very successful.

As the second season is over, we now have an overview of who is leading in the tables. Polish player Filipiak has managed to generate a whopping $300,000 during the second season putting him at the top of the leaderboard, with second and third places closely trailing behind with $270,000 and $260,000 respectively. Compared to the first month, where the winning total was around $230,000, this is certainly a step up.

To provide a quick overview on how the competition runs. Each player is given $10,000 of virtual currency and a total of 100 hours over a period of a year in order to make a profit. The traders can compete on a global scale as well as respective to their geographic region and are given prize money at the end of each round which lasts one week based on the region they reside in. In addition to this, at the end of four rounds or one month, another prize is given for the top 3 contestants who performed during the period of one month.

The whole point of the Forex contest was to create a competitive atmosphere with several winners to keep contestants on edge throughout the year and also add value by being educational, explains the vice president of Admiral Markets Group. This has been done with much success by incorporating an array of useful information such as financial news to keep contests updated, analyses on the currency market as well as articles and webinars for further in-depth information.

The contest is also an easy model to work with as participants are allowed to join the competition at any point and benefit by winning a round which is only a matter of a week without being affected by previous rounds.

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