New ForexBall™ trading competition offers training and social networking options – and $500,000


This year again the ForexBall will get underway brought to you by Admiral Markets. This year we will see a giant step in compared to last year’s version with more prize money, additional participants from a broader geographical scale as well as better training to perfect those forex trading skills. This year’s focus is primarily on training. In fact, to establish this, the slogan for this year is “100 years of trading. The ForexBall will be running for an entire year and will be assessed at the end of the week while trading is available for each round for a period of five days. The prize money this year will exceed $500,000. That’s a lot for grabs considering that risk-free, virtual currency will be used.

The ForexBall is the biggest opportunity in terms of training and will provide plenty of hours of training for the new Forex player, and at the end of it all, participants will be given the opportunity to win some serious money, if they turn out to be good enough. In total, 100 hours will be given to make money out of the initial starting currency value of USD 10,000. This year, there will information available to successfully make a trade, making each trade a learning experience. The site will also display the latest trends and analyses, online seminars, informative articles as well as the latest news in the currency trading market.

A lot of mistakes that traders who are competing tend to make is to focus on competing itself. In order to fully benefit from the program, participants should individually consider themselves in a real market and act wisely. Focusing on competition and making trades based on where they stand in the midst of the competition, is a recipe for failing at the competition. With the extra interactivity involved, participants have the opportunity of using the platform to continually track their progress over the long-term even after the competition is over. This will allow them to reflect and fine-tune their skills as they move on to real money, in order to garner bigger annual profits. With the option of socializing, traders can meet other like-minded individuals and learn from each other.

Some of the community based features include customizing, sharing and viewing other players’ profiles, having a look at their trades and it also gives you the option of communicating with them individually. There is also a community forum to publicly share ideas and exchange their experiences. By communicating with several other traders, a lot can be benefited from, especially for beginners. In essence, the competition is a great starting point for traders who are just starting out, even though traders on any level can benefit from the competition. You get the opportunity of gaining experience in a setting that accurately mimics actual trade without risking any money.

The ForexBall has been recognized for its global reach. The 35+ countries that it targets stretch across virtually all regions. In order to make things interesting, rankings are also divided among 5 broad regions; Russia, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the rest of the world.

The ForexBall™ is a truly global competition, bringing together traders from all over the world. Contestants will compete on a global level, but also in divisional rankings against players from their own region. The five divisions are: Europe, Russia and CIS Latin America, Asia, and Rest of the World.

You don’t have to continually stay on top to make money out of the competition. In fact, there are prizes to be won during every round; that’s each week! To make it even more achievable, the top 3 earners will be given prize money each week separately even if they manage to be the top in one of the regions stated above. This gives everyone the opportunity to make some money and spread out the prize pool.

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