More contests, more prizes during this time’s InstaForex competition


Another week of winners have just been announced in the largest series of individual forex contests, InstaForex. The large playing field and number of competitions under different categories ensures that there will be a prize for everyone at some point. Let’s look at the latest winners for our most popular contests. InstaForex would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners and encourage the rest of the players to keep trying!

Lucky Trader

Lucky Trader tends to attract a large number of players due to the entertaining concept of the competition. The contest relies more on instinct and luck rather than careful observation of market changes and strategy. This doesn’t mean that you cannot apply your strategy and experience to tilt the scale in your favor though. Patro Kostenyuk proved to be the luckiest this week but luck doesn’t sway one way forever. Next time it could be your turn! Try your luck at next week’s Lucky Trader contest!

InstaForex Sniper

one way to beat the forex market is to look for as many winning point as you can. Another is to focus on that one profitable trade and milk it for every cent it has got. This is the idea behind InstaForex Sniper which requires patience and careful analysis. InstaForex is generally favored towards more experienced trader but that doesn’t mean anyone can’t give it a shot and find themselves leading. Muhammad Shakeel was able to capture the most in virtual currency to grab the winning price this time around.

FX-1 Rally by InstaForex

This is an intense forex trading competition dubbed as FX-1 Rally where the fastest and most fierce trader wins. This game is not about the most profits. This game is to gauge who is the fastest trader capable of quickly changing trades to gain a profit. This is a dangerous style of trading but it can be mastered with adequate skill. This week Ilya Prokopets proved his ability in this style of trade. Maybe it’s time for you to adopt a style like FX-1 Rally? Try your luck next time around and the contest!

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