Meta Trader 4 now brought to your browser with FxPRo!


FxPro, one of the most notable companies in the industry has developed a top notch browser based platform to trade using your MetaTrader 4 account allowing you to trade from anywhere with an internet connection and browser without the need to install the software. Best of all, if you have multiple MetaTrader 4 accounts, you can set them all up under an FxPro account and toggle across all accounts without having to log out and log back in which is usually the way to go if you are using the application.

What separates FxPro’s web based client compared to others is the fact that the entire system has been developed using HTML5 allowing faster load times and higher compatibility. You no longer need to get the application for a seamless, real-time trading experience.

Charts and annotating has never been easier with a tweaked version of charting available to easily keep a track of reports and statistics. The new charts allow you to trade directly by accessing the chart which speeds things up and prevents redundancy.

CEO of FxPro in a statement said that they were able to accomplish a top quality web based solution with the help of customer feedback. People want a browser based solution that is just as fast as the native application and this is what FxPro has managed to deliver. Security is also an issue which is why they have implemented secure connections and protocols for all site interactions to ensure maximum security.

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