Leverage the power of combined trading tools with InstaForex!


InstaForex has introduce a number of new features to increase profits with minimal work. A couple of new useful features applicable to international markets is now available. ForexCopy and PAMM are two very useful services during the learning stages of Forex trading until you gather your own style. You now have the opportunity to register on both services using a single user profile. This gives traders the opportunity to accept funding to an individual PAMM project and use ForexCopy to mirror trades from the particular project.

With the new feature, users are offered more flexibility on choices. They can either choose to spend money on a project as a PAMM investor or alternatively use only the ForexCopy feature to copy deals.

InstaForex continually tweaks its features and provides new opportunity to leverage all possible avenues of making money out of the forex market. The combined provision of PAMM and ForexCopy should bring greater opportunities to all their users.


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