Let us congratulate the winners this week on InstaForex!


The week is over and the tireless traders have finally got what they were aspiring for. Unfortunately, many fell short but there is always the next week to try your luck. There are a number of contests that took place including the popular One Million Option as well as less known options such as Chancy Deposit. Let’s look at winners of four contests this week.

InstaForex Sniper

the conditions for InstaForex Sniper makes it fairly obvious that it is not for everyone. It is a competition that requires patience and focus, as the name suggests. You need to focus on a particular target and strike when the time is right. Evgeniy Lelyuk emerged on top by striking at the perfect point in order to garner the winning prize. Improve your accuracy and focus by enrolling for next week’s Insta Forex Sniper!

FX-1 Rally

The winner of the Sniper contest Evgeniy Lelyuk was on a roll this week bagging the winning prize of the FX-1 Rally competition as well. This form of trading is a completely different ball game but Lelyuk seems to be an all-rounder who has perfect various styles of trading. Grab your seat and race away in this intense form of trading that requires quick thinking and calculated decisions.

One Million Option

If you are a fan of Options Trading, this type of contest is for you. The competition is tailor made for options Trading but being a fan of this type of trading doesn’t give you an additional edge. It’s all about making the right choice. Vladmir Shchur seems to be well round up in this form of trading. Find out where you stand by participating in the competition next week.

Chancy Deposit

Chancy Deposit brings some fun to the industry of forex trading. While there is always a bit of chance involved, Chancy Deposit is a full on raffle giving you the thrill of actually taking a gamble. All you have to do is make a sizeable deposit in order to qualify for this competition. Are you going to be the lucky one? Mohd Ridwan got through this time around.


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