iPhones and more during this session’s IntsaForex contests


This week brings yet another new round of winners to the InstaForex trading platform. From the initiation of the contests, we have seen tons of happy winners with each competition. If you have missed out on the prize pool so far, statistics say you are on your way to being a winner soon! Let us now pay our respects to the winners of the latest winners of the most exciting forex competitions available.

One Million Option

Options Trading may not be the most profitable course of action when you are looking to be a serious forex trader but it is certainly an exciting and enjoyable style of trading. Short-term trading can be quite useful if you are looking to make a quick buck. For a more long-term strategy you might want to consider another style. Sergei Zuenok won this week’s One Million Option trading contest. InstaForex is happy to crown the well deserving champion this week. Let’s hope it’s your name next time around!

Lucky Trader

If you are unsure where to start, Lucky Trader is probably your best bet. Once you have snatched the winning prize in Lucky Trader, you can look at mastering other strategies available in different types of trading. Mat Ali managed to win by bringing about the highest number of profitable pips and lowest quantity of losing ones. It’s a marathon in the Lucky Trader, prove your stamina this week!

Real Scalping

Real Scalping is fishing for pennies and dimes. With careful focus and constantly monitoring the market, it is possible to accumulate enough pennies to make a sizeable profit. Most people take up the Real Scalping contest as a challenge to find out how well they can implement this old yet tough strategy. Scalping is a great way to minimize losses. Lyudmila Nikonova has well understood the art and beat the field as the best scalper.

Trade Wise, Win Device

One of the more rarer competitions; Trade Wise, Win Device gives people the opportunity to trade and win the latest iPhone! The competition brings about a lot more buzz because of the value of the winning prize. Nysanbaev Alpamys managed to get through to the winning spot and get himself a new iPhone. It could be you next time walking away with the fancy gift!

Head to the registration page and choose your favorite style of game and give it a shot for next time’s competition! Sign up now.

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