Interview with PAMM-Manager of Webmaster Maksim 3


AForex: We are excited to welcome our guest for today, Maksim Mironov. The strategy on his website has brought alarmingly positive results, a 119% profit over 3 months.

AForex: Greetings! It’s a pleasure to have you on the show, thank you for sparing time from your busy schedule. Please start off with a little background on how you started trading in the forex market.

Maxim: Hi AForex! To start from the beginning, I come from a small city in Russia. I have majored in two areas, economics and law. My background in economics may have been a stepping stone. Before forex trading and even still, I operate various websites and blogs however my involvement with these projects have reduced thanks to the increased profitability of forex. By combining my skill of Forex and my online projects, I was able to generate passive income by recommending others to Forex sites. Forex websites provide an opportunity to create more income for me as well as the people I refer. Over time I started extensively experimenting with different forex strategies using demo accounts and then I was introduced to PAMM managing which was still in its infancy. Over time, PAMM managing became more popular so I decided to become a part of it.

Aforex: why did you decide to manage funds and why choose Aforex?

Maxim: I decided to give PAMM managing a spin when Aforex introduced it and I found it was very convenient. Aforex excels in the way trades are handled and the quality of handling clients. Each client is given a personalized service with their own manager who provides all the necessary support to make trading smooth. As a manager, I think the biggest positive trait is the convenience and user-friendliness that Aforex provides. It automates much of the process, I only need to think of what trades need to be made and the rest takes care of itself.

Aforex: what would you like to share with you potential investors?

Maxim: one of the things would be that I strictly follow money management policies to ensure there is a constant and adequate flow. There is a constant need to evaluate the climate of the market and ensure trades are made accordingly so you will need to be patient rather than jumping on the first apparent opportunity. I am not a fan of taking big risks but calculated risks are encouraged.

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