FxPro Wins Best Forex Product Award for Quant Strategy Builder


September 16, 2013, London: FxPro Group Ltd., which is known by the name FxPro as well has received a new award as it has been declared to have the Best Forex Product of the year at the 2013 UK Forex Awards. The broker which acts as a 100% Agency Model FX broker has been awarded for its awesome tool named as FxPro Quant. This tool is pretty user friendly and it helps the clients to build a strategy. FxPro Quant, incidentally, was launched earlier in this year.

The CEO of FxPro, Charalambos Psimolophitis stated that this award shows the hard work of the staff members of the forex brokerage has finally been appreciated. Psimolophitis also mentioned that by transitioning towards an Agency Model, the company tried to align its interests with that of the clients and also, they have done their best to provide the clients with the best trading tools all the time. Psimolophitis added that they will continue to work for helping the clients to make more profit out of the market all the time.

Let’s take a look at FxPro Quant now. This is a visual drag and drop strategy builder which makes creating trading algorithms simple and quick. The in-house research of FxPro shows that a client who makes trading decisions after making the judgments through trading algorithms generally gets more stable returns in comparison with those who decide to trade manually. The overall results are almost 5 times better as well. The Quant tool of FxPro helps traders to be on the more profitable side as they can easily create an algorithm that works automatically.

The Managing Director of MSM Media Ltd., Michael Boydell, stated that the UK Forex Awards are already in the 2nd year and it tries to recognize all the major product and service providers in the foreign exchange industry of UK. The winners are decided through votes of the private investment community and forex traders. Boydell added that FxPro was completely deserving to win the award as Quant Strategy Builder is a one of its kind tool which is extremely useful to the traders.

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