FxPro takes over management of Spot FX Aggregator


FxPro has gained ownership of the spot FX Aggregator which will now diversify the company’s services and allow it to service their clients with more institution based options.

By combining their retail hold over the FX market in combination with the Quotix model that comes with the SpotFX Aggregator, they can now reach new heights in terms of execution and overall throughput. This will give better bang for their clients’ buck. This advantage is available on different popular platforms such as MetaTrader and cTrader.

This move will allow FxPro to become an all-in-one organization offering all forex related services under one roof. With spot FX aggregation and ordinary forex brokering services, this will be ideal for their clients.

Psimolophitis has made his motives clear when he iterates that liquidity services is the next step in FxPro’s repertoire. With already quite a few liquidity services under its belt, they are looking to use their influence to acquire more providers which will ultimately bring down prices to clients and separate them over the competition from a price point.

This move also signifies how serious FxPRo is in terms of growing their technology and services specifically in terms of liquidity.

Sorokin, CEO of Quotix is very positive about being acquired by FxPro, referring to them as being one of the world’s biggest FX brokers which will allow them to share resources and grow together to reach new heights.

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