FxPro Makes FxPro Infinite MasterCard Available for the Traders


10th April, 2014, London: FxPro has now come up with a prepayment card of its own. The FxPro Infinite card, as it’s known, is a prepaid MasterCard which is available in 3 different currencies such as USD, EUR and GBP. This card is designed to make things easier for the clients so that they can use their funds which sit idly in the FxPro Vault. This card can also be used for the various services and even payments of goods throughout the world.

The FxPro Vault works as a segregated depository through which clients can withdraw or deposit money very easily thereby using multiple accounts. It is therefore possible for the clients to keep these funds separate from the cTrader, MetaTrader 4 and FxPro SuperTrader trading platforms. Clients can even add the FxPro Infinite Card to the FxPro Vault.

The CEO of FxPro, Charalambos Psimolophitis, stated that the FxPro Infinite Card is another enhancement to the already expanding list of products of the broker. As the clients get the ability of directly connecting their FxPro Vault with the Prepaid MasterCard, they, can therefore use the unencumbered funds that they have in their account for paying to buy anything and in anywhere in the world. It’s just that the provider has to use MasterCard. Psimolophitis added that his company thrives to become the biggest online forex trading service provider in the entire world and to make sure that they actually achieve this, they offer different services to the clients. With the introduction of a service such as FxPro Infinite Card, they have actually taken a step forward in that direction of becoming the leader in the industry.

It must be noted by the clients that the FxPro Infinite Card is only available to you if you are a client of the FxPro Financial Services Limited.

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