FxPro Launches FxPro SuperTrader


October 17th, 2013, London: FxPro also known as FxPro Group Ltd., has launched FxPro SuperTrader today. FxPro SuperTrader is a cutting edge investment platform which lets the traders to diversify their forex investments as they can create a portfolio of some high performance strategies with help from an elite group of forex trading related traders. Incidentally, FxPro works as a 100% Agency Model FX broker.

With help of the innovative Agency Model supported by the broker, FxPro has been able to align its various interests with that of the clients. FxPro SuperTrader, incidentally, is the first ever investment platform which is going to work exclusively with no such conflict of interest Agency Model of the order execution. This further builds on the transparent and client centric approach that the company follows. FxPro always tries hard to make sure that the clients stay on profit all the time and gives away some very advanced tools such as FxPro SuperTrader at a regular basis as well. Such tools are created to improve the overall trading results of a particular forex broker.

Some of the basic features of FxPro SuperTrader are:

  • You can allocate funds to different strategies or even can monitor those with help of the Watchlist.
  • You can analyze strategies through real time risk ratings, performance statistics and copier data.
  • You can effectively control fund allocation to the stringently tested forex trading related strategies.
  • You can use trailing stops and stop losses for managing the overall risk, thereby assuring that you are locking in the gains.

The strategies adopted by the trade leaders are always under constant monitoring of the brokerage so that they can ensure that there is consistency and also the performance benchmarks are met properly. FxPro SuperTrader is better than most of its compatriots, mainly because it is very easy to use and the risk management functionality of the broker is sort of a pioneer.

As mentioned by the CEO of FxPro, Charalambos Psimolophitis, investment works only when you are able to diversify your overall exposure to a huge range of asset classes. With help of FxPro SuperTrader, it is possible for the clients to control the overall risk as they set key risk parameters before easily and quickly allocating funds to some of the most profitable forex trading strategies. As FxPro supports an Agency Model, it is for a fact that the clients benefit from the best price available as they get it through a pool of leading liquidity providers.

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