FxPro launches a one of its kind VPS Solution


1st July, 2013, London: Do you have many horrible experiences of missed trading opportunities? Well, if the answer is yes, be happy as this is going to be a matter of past now. FxPro Group Ltd, also known as FxPro, which works as a 100% Agency Model FX Broker has announced a new low latency Virtual Private Server solution which is going to make missed trading opportunities a non-existing thing.

When it comes to fair and transparent trading, FxPro leads the pack thanks to the client centric Agency Model of the same. There are many brokers which actually want the clients to lose money so that they can profit, however, through the Agency Model, the broker actually makes sure that each and every trader stays on the profitable side.

Charalambos Psimolophitis, the CEO of FxPro stated that with the introduction of FxPro VPS, clients will earn more benefits. Recently, FxPro launched two other products in form of FxPro EA Library and FxPro Quant Strategy Builder and both are finding appreciation among clients. The trading results of the clients are expected to be better with introduction of this VPS solution as clients will be able to use expert advisors as well.

BeeksFX, one of the worldwide leaders when it comes to VPS providers has partnered with FxPro in this. The FxPro MT4 and cTrader/cAlgo clients are likely to benefit through this solution. The industry leading service is going to run all the time and make sure that the expert advisors work in a proper manner.

Some of the features of FxPro VPS are:

  • This never stops running, not even on weekends.
  • The latency is reduced to 1-5 ms. Therefore it can be easily concluded that the time for an order to route to the servers for execution is pretty less. This calls for faster trade execution as well.
  • All the operations are uninterrupted as nothing gets affected because of the power cuts.
  • If you are a trader who uses automated strategies, this solution is likely to turn out very useful for you.

Thanks to the Agency Model, the broker has already been able to experience low levels of latency and things are expected to get better with introduction of this VPS solution. A forex trader in China can expect 300-400 ms. of latency under the normal trading conditions. While using the VPS solution, the same is expected to come down to 1-5 ms.

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