FxPro Launches a Couple of Revolutionary Trading Tools


7th June, 2013, London: According to latest researches, traders who try to use Expert Advisors, on average get 6 times better trading results and the returns are more stable as well, if compared with those who try to trade manually. FxPro Group Ltd. (Also known as FxPro) has made itself a pioneering name in the global forex industry and it announced the launch of a couple of innovative Algo trading products – both are designed to maximize the trading success of a broker.

FxPro has an Agency Model for ensuring the success of the traders and through this tool, it makes sure that the interests of the clients are completely protected. The model is completely transparent and that revolves all around the traders. The company is committed to provide superior experience as it tries to put in heavy research in the development and research. The Algo trading solution that the company has created is one of its kind in the market and it is going to ensure that the partners & clients of the broker get long term benefit through the same.

It will be possible for the traders now to benefit from the trade enhancing benefits of the expert advisors with help of:

FxPro Quant Strategy Builder: This is a user friendly tool and with help of the same, traders can develop and build their own expert advisors for using in the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. You can drag and drop stuffs while using the tool and you don’t need any programing knowledge to use this tool.

FxPro Library: This is an awesome EA marketplace through which traders can download back-tested and readymade expert advisors which are developed by the in-house experts of FxPro. There are also third-party programmers who are involved in development of these expert advisors. There are over 40 pre-built, customizable expert advisors and this number is only going to increase in the coming days.

Currently, the team members of FxPro are working on a revolutionary mirror trading platform. Through this tool, it will be possible for the traders to copy trades from some of the biggest signal providers in the market.

Charalambos Psimolophitis, the CEO of FxPro stated that the company believes that the traders should be able to make the most of the Algorithmic Trading Strategy. The team has been putting a lot of hard work to develop user friendly tools which help the clients to achieve greater trading success by removing the emotions when the trading related decisions are made. Apart from that, these tools are able to identify the trading opportunities in a better manner as well.

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