FxPro Declared to be the Principal Partner at the 12th MENA Forex Show


November 10, 2013, London: FxPro is going to participate at the 12th edition of the MENA Forex Show. The company which is a 100% Agency Model FX broker is the principal partner of this show.

The expo is scheduled to be held between 14th and 15th November at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai. Through this event, it is possible for FxPro to showcase many of the innovative services and products that the company has. FxPro always had a single goal and that was to help clients make more profitable trades. The products that will be showcased during this event are designed to achieve that only. Some of the products that were launched by FxPro in 2013 were:

FxPro Quant Strategy Builder

This works as a visual strategy builder through which clients can create trading strategies of their own. You just need to drag and drop stuffs and that’s it.

FxPro SuperTrader

This is a cutting edge investment platform without a doubt. Through this tool, it is possible for the clients to allocate funds for certain risk rated strategies which have been thoroughly tested by the team of FxPro. Through this tool, it is possible for the clients to enjoy flexibility and control over their trades. Not only that, but it is possible to deposit or withdraw cash whenever they wish to do so.

FxPro Library

This is a marketplace which is full of automated strategies, both paid and free. There are different FxPro Quant templates for FxPro cTrader and FxPro MT4 as well.

FxPro has always worked very hard to make its trading tools success and they believe in direct client interactions. Through this expo, clients will be able to talk to the representatives of the broker directly and hence, they will have better knowledge on the overall working strategy of how these tools works and how these can turn out to be beneficial for the traders on a whole.

FxPro’s Public & Investor Relations Department’s Director, Vasily Sukhotin, stated that becoming the principal partner of the 12th MENA Forex Show in Dubai is a privilege for the company. He added that the company is looking forward to talk to both the old and new traders during this event and help them to understand how FxPro can actually turn out to be helpful for them to achieve their trading related goals.

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