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Yet another week of the most popular forex trading contest comes to an end. Let’s look at the winners for this week’s InstaForex contest. We will look at the winners of intense competitions including One Million Option, Trade Wise, Win Device and more. InstaForex takes great pride in congratulating this week’s winners and wishes the rest of the players the very best in the next round.

FX-1 Rally

The Fx-1 Rally may seem like a peculiar name for a forex competition but it certainly fits the style of the competition. Its like one intense race from the get covering the short ground within minimal time. This time around, Moskalenko was able to keep his head up with the pressure and hang on to snatch the number 01 spot. Register now for next week’s contest and stand a chance to come out on top!

One Million Option

One Million Option focuses on the popular concept of binary options trading or options trading in simple terms. Options trading may not be the easiest strategy but the thrill of giving you a run for your money makes it worth it! Alexandr Mokrovsky proved to be the best among the lot this week. It could be you next week!

Trade Wise, Win Device

This is a more exciting, innovative form of competition as you are not battling for cash funds here. It’s about winning one of the most coveted toys, an iPad! Here it’s all about the numbers so it is pretty straight forward. Alexandr Redin walked away with his new iPad after this time’s competition.

Lucky Trader

Lucky Trader boils down to how well you trade quantitatively. If you are having a bad week, it’s tough luck for you as it is all about the overall profit pips. Keep your cool and trade for two weeks straight to emerge with the most profit quantitatively in order to win this battle. Fahad Shakeel managed to get there this week.


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