Fierce competition subsides as new winners are crowned


It’s that time again, the time when prizes are given out to the best traders of the period on the InstaForex trading platform. Being a winner on the InstaForex trading platform is a combination of skill, patience, experience and of course a little bit of luck. The market is constantly swaying against or towards your favor, it’s all about keeping it together during those variations. Today, we will look at those who managed to overcome all the challenges throughout the competition in the respective contests against all odds. Let’s look at the winners:

InstaForex Sniper 

The InstaForex Sniper competition is not for the faint of heart. It requires stability and focus to target a particular goal and then follow through with it. Despite the difficulty of the contest, the competition attracts traders across different wavelengths. Beginners as well as experienced traders alike enroll in the competition. Oksana Krasnoshtan managed to get through to the top this time around. Register right away for next week’s competition and stand a chance to be victorious!

One Million Option

prove your versatility by trying out a number of different options in One Million Option. Leverage the winning options and quickly drop the losing ones. You have to be fast and pre-meditate the market in order to come out on top. One Million Option is a completely different ball game to InstaForex Sniper but it is certainly just as engaging. One Million Option will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout your trades, one of the most exciting forms of trading. Sergey Kanalyin managed to grab the winning prize amidst all the excitement. It could be you next time!

Lucky Trader

Lucky Trader is the most straightforward style of contest available. Lucky Trader is all about the numbers. No matter what strategy you use or even if you just got lucky, the winner is picked based on highest profits and minimal losses. Based on the style of play, this game brings around the largest field so competition is fierce. Yuriy Gostev managed to lead the large field this time around. Maybe it will be your chance to bring it home next time!

Chancy Deposit

InstaForex honors the luckiest trader whose account was
determined automatically! The main prize goes to Mamunul Kabir Khan! Want to get that piece
of luck too? Turn your hand to the campaign! All that you need is to make at least
a $3,000 deposit on your account. And, as chance would have it, next time it
 will be you to be at the top! Registration for the next stage is now open.  

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