Contest Winners from Instaforex


Instaforex has regular competitions and contests and this week they have had some really great ones. They have a selection of contests and have the names of the winners of these available now. The contests ate Chancey deposit, One Million Option, Real Scalping and Instaforex Sniper, Each of the contest winners has a great prize available for them.

Not everyone can be a winner so congratulations to everyone who took part and hopefully your name will be on the winners list next time.

Chancey Deposit

All you need is luck to win this great contest. This week the big prize winner was Ortikboi Otamuratov but there are more prizes on offer. There is another $1,000 prize up for grabs, all you need to do is to put at least $3,000 into your trading account and cross your fingers!

One Million Option

There have been increasingly more contestants taking part in this contest. This week it was Vitaly Obukhov that was the lucky winner. However, there are more chances to win and the next contest starts on the 12th May* and runs until the 16th May*, so why not give it a go?

Real Scalping

Instaforex has been holding the Instant Scalping contest for a very long time and tens of thousands of forex traders have taken part. The latest winner was Dmitry Guliy but there are plenty of chances for other people to win. Good luck to everyone who would like to take part in the next contest which is being held from the 2nd June* to 27th June*. You will need to register on the contest page.

Instaforex Sniping

Instaforex Sniper is a contest that requires skill and accuracy. This week’s winner was Immawan Buchori but there is a chance for someone else this week. The competition starts again on the 12th May* and you have until 16th May* to take part. See if you can be the lucky one!

*All dates are GMT +2


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