AForex’s best strategies for May


Let’s look at some of the best options of trading that have worked with considerable success for the month of May.

The Euro Australian Dollar trade saw good profits in the month of May with respect to strategies that have been trending lately. the EUR-AUD trade grew by almost 1000 pips for the month of May which is a considerable amount on any level. The Australian Dollar and Japanese Yen haven’t been performing very well for the month. There are a number of reasons for this such as reduction in China’s performance in the economy, the inefficiencies with the mining sector as well as other aspects that have affected Australia’s currency. There has been much friction among traders for the yen with their plan to implement strategies to avoid deflation. Adapting to these situations can be quite difficult but those who have been able to do this have brought around a number of profits:

  • ThirdBrainFX

This strategy brought around almost 2300 pips in profit for the Euro-Australian Dollar exchange with no losses whatsoever. The average in profit was around 200 pips and maximum for a single trade was close to 300. More impressive numbers were seen in the Australian Dollar and US Dollar trade bringing in 100% profit across just 7 trades with numbers close to 2000 pips in profit. The strategy typically follows trends. Trades were handled for a period of 10 days. The MACD is usually the point of analysis combined with William’s Indicator.

  • Sphynx

The Sphynx strategy did quite well too. With over 20 trades done in the Euro – Australian Dollar exchange, only two of these trades were not profitable. That too with profits soaring to close to 2500 pips, the lost was a little more than 15 pips. The trade average was around 130 pips. The upper end of profit per trade was close to 250 pips. The risk-reward ratio is 8 which is quite impressive to say the least. Hourly and 5-minute charts are the usual piece of information to depend on.

  • Counter Strike

This strategy was common on the US dollar-Japanese Yen front getting in trades of 29. Overall profit was close to 2200 pips. Only one loss took place. The average trade stood at a modest 79 pips. A very good risk-reward ratio of 2.9 was observed. The strategy works by countering the market trends. A strong trend in one direction will result in the trade being made in the opposite in order to beat the odds.

  • Home Runs

Home Runs typically consisted of the Euro and Australian Dollar trade. 15 trades were made with only  single loss that took place. 241 pips was the average for a single trade. This strategy works in line with market trends and trades are made based on daily trends. The strategy is effective as there are no strict limitations and rules adhered to but rules are applied and adapted to based on market conditionns.

System4P – System4P was very successful on the Australian Dollar and Yen front earning over 3500 pips with just 4 trades! With an average of almost 900 pips per trade, this is one of the largest per trade range experienced. The duration is fairly lengthy going upto around 45 days. The strategy occupies different charts including daily, hourly and the more closely monitored 15 minute chart. This system is also a more “make it as you go along style” with strategies implemented based on market fluctuations.

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