Aforex Joins Financial Commission for a Stronger Dispute Resolution Force


The Financial Commission has been recently introduced to oversee business and trading conducted in the forex currency market. This has been introduced to lower the incidence of fraud and ensure that all traders conduct their trades in a fair manner. It has also been setup to settle disputes and disagreements with traders without the need for standard judicial proceedings which can be more of a hassle.

The commission is run by pioneers and veterans in the forex industry who operate a committee. The committee involves members from a number of different high profile organizations and background to ensure fair proceedings are conducted. The members were elected based on their strong background and prior knowledge of legal settlements. This allows a smooth platform for a trader and broker to agree on a fair solution based on disputes and conflicts that may occur during trade.

The newest member joining the committee is AForex CEO. He is content with the election and positive about the idea of the Financial Commission which he stated will allow an efficient and simple way to express opinions and agree to a settlement that an overwhelming majority of like-minded individuals will agree as fair.


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