Admiral Markets introduces globally unique visual chart trading tool for MT4 Supreme Edition


The Admiral Markets Group has been creating a lot of buzz lately. In recent times, they have introduced the idea of trading within the view of the chart. No other major provider offers such a feature which can heavily improve the user experience and make trading a lot more easily without having to go back and forth. A number of aspects can be configured from within the chart view including Stop losses and take-profit.

The vice president of the forex trading platform was very enthusiastic about the update and suggested that there may be more improvements to come by stating that visual chart trading is the next generation. By introducing this feature to their MetaTrader 4 application, they’re assuredly catapulting ahead of their competition. By visualizing stop losses and take-profits graphically, users can easily move the numbers around without having to key in the data. You can also set the line diagonally if you want to vary the numbers. Additionally, you can operate more than one chart at one time giving you an aerial view of multiple trades.

The most impressive aspect about the new features is that it was taken up after their customers had suggested it. This portrays Admiral Markets as a very customer oriented solution. The service is functional in over 35 countries working very closely with their customers. In the past, the traders had to rely on third party applications to achieve the same level of functionality. Thanks to the new feature, the leading MetaTrader platform can continue to stay on top. While there are other third party options to separately manage this data, they are not very accurate and supposedly contain bugs. The features incorporated into MetaTrader are a lot more precise and reliable. In addition, it is quite easy to use resulting in most users switching away from these third party tools. With this introduction, the vice president is convinced that Admiral Markets will be ahead in terms of chart trading on a visual scale.

In order to benefit from this update, customers are required to download the latest version or apply the update through the application settings. The updates can be found by visiting the official Admiral Markets website.

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