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Our rating of Forex brokers is an independent web resource created to facilitate Forex traders’ searches for a suitable broker. Here we offer an exhaustive list of the most prominent and reputable brokerage companies, all accompanied with extensive descriptions and reviews, and a helpful in-house tool for broker comparison.

The biggest advantage of our rating is that it is based on votes, reviews and comments submitted exclusively by our real visitors. The collected data are further processed and displayed in the graphs for our visitors to track fluctuations of a chosen broker’s popularity, how it progresses or regresses from month to month.

Please note that to ensure ultimate accuracy and impartiality of the generated statistics visitors are allowed to vote only once a day.

See our benefits:

1. To find a broker on your own, on average you have to spend a few weeks of thorough searches on the Internet, collecting and analyzing information about a certain broker, its trading conditions and platforms. With our broker rating the process will take as little as one day.
2. All votes, reviews and comments on our website are submitted by traders, who have already dealt with this or that broker and make judgments from their personal experience. This is how you get first-hand information on a broker’s performance and can easily make out if trading with it is worthwhile.
3. Our rating is absolutely bias-free, as it is based on votes of our numerous visitors, not of a particular ‘agent’, aiming to promote a certain brokerage.

It is YOU who assess performance of a broker! We do not offer our own evaluations and recommendations and we do not delete any of our visitors’ reviews or comments. Any user of our website can contribute to the formation of the rating, thus making it a pure result of their PERSONAL experience. Impartiality and objectiveness of the information on our website attracts more and more clients to us day after day. We are proud that our rating helps a great deal of traders to get their direction among such a huge variety of brokers!

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